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Learn all about magnets with notepad
in this video, we talk in detail about magnets with notepad, their types and technical characteristics
Magnet with notepad is a budget and very useful gift for your customers. They are usually attached to the refrigerator, so that it is convenient for housewives to write down a list of products or important recipes.
This magnet is much more effective than a regular notepad. The percentage of returns increases in 2-3 times.
You can use a magnet with a notepad in different situations:
• on promo activities - in order not to let a potential customer go without a bonus, you can give them a notepad with magnet;
• during promotions - you can give a magnet under different conditions: for collecting packages, for buying a certain amount of goods or for a specific amount, with each product a person receives a bonus.
• give to a regular customer - for repeated sales, you can give the customer a notebook on a magnet;
• at exhibitions - if you represent products, you need to establish yourself well and attract potential customers to the company, especially with competitors. Such a small bonus will pleasantly surprise visitors.
When using a magnet with notepad as a marketing tool, you get:

Loyal customers
Who are grateful to you for a useful gift
Increase in sales
Enter the company's contact details on the magnet with notepad and watch as customers return to repeat purchases
A magnet with a notepad is an attractive gift for any client, because it is useful, durable, and original. You will see the effectiveness of this tool in the first months of use. To track customer returns, you can use a promo code or special words written on a notepad.

Order free samples

Don't put off communicating with customers, order free samples right now, make sure the quality of the product that will increase your repeat sales
A manufacturer from the FMCG sector asked us to create a magnet with a notepad. Consumers bought tea and got a nice bonus.
The goal of the promotion is to increase the number of sales and brand loyalty.
Any houselady will be happy to get a small notepad on a magnet in which it will be convenient to write a list of products.

To further remind consumers of their product, each page has a line "Princess Nuri Tea". If the customer did not need to buy a product, the name once again passed through the customer and securely settled in the subconscious. Even if the consumer was already without a page, he still bought tea of this brand.


Answers to the most common questions of our clients. If you do not find your question in the list, please ask it via the form and we will promptly reply to it.
What is the minimum quantity to order
Minimum order quantity - 100 pcs
What is the scheme of cooperation with you?
You describe the technical task, we set deadlines, amounts, and delivery details. If necessary, we develop the concept of promotion on the magnet. We work only by Contract. Then the order passes to production. After - we ship the product to you.
What are the payment methods?
Payment is made on the invoice to the bank account of the company
Is it possible to make an individual layout?
Yes, this is our specialization. If you don't have a specific idea, our Creative Department will provide up to 3 different options.
Why a magnet? Isn't that the last century?
In the world of total digitalization, people are anxious about everything that is in their home. An advertising magnet is always perceived as a gift and is never thrown away; on the contrary, it is located in the most prominent place in the house.
A magnet doesn't fit my niche
The crushed stone factory, donor organizations, the national police, and even diggers also thought that the magnet did not fit their niche, but it turned out quite the opposite.
Still have questions?
We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary answers as soon as possible.
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